Diane Stokell is the owner, designer and self proclaimed coffee maker at Cushi.

I was born and grew up in England and studied Textile Design at Loughborough College of Art & Design. So, armed with a BA (hons) degree in Printed Textile Design I began my journey in South Africa as a designer initially and then as a buyer for a large local retail chain. I have fallen in love with this country, have lived here for many years and am proud to call Cape Town home.

Cushi specialises in the design and production of cushions, cushion covers or as also often referred to – pillows or scatters. Lampshades have recently made an exciting addition to the range.

I have a passion for design, and I believe that a simple cushion or lampshade can transform and update a living space, be it with colour, design or the ambient lighting given by a lampshade.

I try to keep everything that I make local, and support other small businesses such as mine. To that end I have sourced a printer who specialises in digital printing, this offers incredible quality printing, flexibility and a quick turn-around time… The Cushi’s are all handmade locally as are the lampshades. Everything is produced to a very high standard, and quality is important to me.

Hopefully you will enjoy exploring my site and find something that you like. Please don’t hesitate to contact+us if you have any requests or comments on the range.

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